Play a better game..

So….climate change is here and whether some believe it or not – many businesses and individuals have started to think about the financial, social and environmental impact.

Deciding to do something about it  points are being reached to just starting with a commitment to do something. As example – the Climate Leaders Coalition.  Many leaders and organisations have made commitments to work on change and it all starts with a decision to do something about it.

Goals need to be set. Policy and direction clear. know our state, what we need to do, take action and re-adjust.

We need to play a different (and better) game to the one we are currently playing. 

We need to lift our game

Much like the sports analogy to pull together the right team and strategy, set targets and act accordingly – we need to play a bigger game and do it better….

  • First thing to do, whether it be around  sales, profits, customers, weight, sports goals etc) – it is important to measure your current state and track your progress towards minimising your impact.
  • Adapt as needed to changing conditions, re-adjust, and if needed, lift your game again

Back to Basics

  1. Plan where you need to get to, know your current state, set a target
  2. Implement changes, actions, projects
  3. Check the outcomes – measure
  4. Adjust and reset/manage